Hologram printing is a process in which a special holographic tape is heated and affixed on paper. Also, the word “valid” can be printed on the holographic tape in iridescent color. The client’s logo can also be printed on the tape in iridescent color (this requires a large production order due to the high cost of the original matrix).

A simple holographic tape (with no iridescent color text printed) may be used and the tape that will be affixed on your printed material may be cut, if required, in the shape of your logo.

 Holographic printing is widely used for identification and security purposes.
Credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, security cards; all of these these usually bear a small hologram printed on their surface.
Hologram printing works particularly well in all these applications because the printed image cannot be reproduced with a scanner or photocopier, and the forgery of such an image has proved to be extremely difficult and expensive.

This may be printed on: Tickets, Coupons, Lottery tickets