Lamination – Spot UV
Matte or glossy lamination. Improves the appearance and resilience of the printed material. Spot UV brings out a specific section of the printed material.

Shrink Wrapping / Bag-Making
Packaging of printed materials with heat shrink transparent plastic film or bag-making for direct mailing.

Stitch Binding, Thread-glue Binding, Glue Binding, PUR Adhesive Binding
All of the above binding methods are provided, depending on the number of pages, the form and usage of the printed material.

Folding in various ways (half-fold, tri-fold, gate fold, four-panel fold, double-gate fold, z fold, four-panel accordion fold, four-panel roll fold etc.).

For printed material, such as tickets and vouchers. It offers an easy extraction from the main printed form.

The ability to cut printed material in various shapes using a mold.

Thermal Printing (hologram, etc.)
A special film coat that is transferred to the printed material with the use of heat and pressure (using special plates).

Wire Binding
Binding printed material with metal or plastic spiral.

The embossed shape is created on the printed material by the use of a special mold.

Used on any paper more than 200 grams so it can be folded easily (on a machine or manually) to avoid paper cracking.